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Applicator connectors

Different series of Electromatic™ Applicators use different electrical cables.

Applicator connection

This is the standard connector for Spraymation™ Electromatic™ Applicators (guns).

  • It is a circular military type. It is very robust and can withstand the temperatures associated with heated applications.
  • These connectors do not have a grounding pin that mates before the other electrical pins. Some electrical codes require ground mates first.
  • Spraymation recommends that an applicator or any other component is never disconnected or connected while the system power is on.
  • Cold Versions have a 3-pin connector.
  • Heated versions have a 7-pin connector.
  • Connectors are always chosen, so they are touch-safe.
  • Gun cords are available straight or right angle, with the key set for cable going right or left.

This is the IEC connector version connector for Spraymation™ Electromatic™ Applicators (guns).

  • It is used on Full-size applicators that need to have a CE Mark.
  • It is used for the cold versions and also the heated versions.
  • Most heated applicators with this option also have overtemperature devices in the gun body.
  • These cables are shielded to prevent EMI.
  • Reference 308847-XX
  • The Spraymation™ Electromatic™  Mid-size applicators (guns) use standard straight M12 Mini connectors.
  • The Spraymation™ Electromatic™  Mini applicators (guns) include a watertight DIN connector.  Spraymation or the user can provide 3 conductor cable, either 18 or 16 gauge.  For DC operation unshielded cable is fine but if a gun driver is used the cable should be shielded.