Our ability to manufacture a “one-of-a-kind” system is routine, and provides the user with equipment tailored to perform a specific application, resulting in optimum production and performance. Below are examples of common uses.

Worldwide Industry Standard Panel Machines

  • Eliminates the variation from a human painter
  • Used to crate repeatable test panels from any site
  • Used while doing Formulation
  • Used for color matching and development
  • Used while doing adhesion testing
  • Used while doing coverage testing
  • Used while doing sag testing
  • Used for making samples for aging testing
  • Used to make color samples

Basic Machines for general Lab use and conventional spray guns
Complex for simulating robotic production with bell atomizers.

  • Standalone specifically for paint
  • Integrated into Automatic Test Panel machines

Vertical strokes

  • Production Units: fast or slow, long or short 

Horizontal strokes

  • Spraying down onto flat products
  • Spraying across to coat the insides of tubes and pipes


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