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Panel Machines

Closed Loop Flow Control Options

Closed-loop fluid flow controls are a way to set the desired fluid flow rate from the script in the panel machine.
Unlike regular commercial flow meters or flow controls, ours is designed for the short spray times and the spray gun cycling on and off.  The on times may be as short as 200ms and then seconds of dwell time.  This control can stop and restart on the next stroke without drifting out of the operating band as general purpose devices do.

  • The Closed Loop Flow Control consists of a flow transducer, fluid regulator, digital signal processor, and additional software.
  • This control is specially designed for the fast on/off cycles of this machine. 
  • When using The Closed Loop Flow Control, the flow rate is entered into the script in ml/sec, and the machine makes the settings and corrects them as required.
  • Software calibration is provided to maintain high accuracy.

When the Flow Option is added to a machine, questions are added to menus about pressure or Flow modes.

Flow data is entered in engineering units.

The traditional Pressure mode is also available.

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