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Constant Pressure Fluid Source

Accurate constant pressure is needed for the system to produce precise results.

We at Spraymation believe after providing thousands of these applicators, the only way to get quality consistent results and be able to adjust the amount dispensed is by changing the Fluid Spray ON Time while keeping all other settings constant.

Constant Pressure Fluid Source 1

Pressure Tanks

  • Our Pressure Tank is 304 Stainless Steel
  • It is an ASME rated Tank
  • Standard North America units are rated to 140 PSI and has a 90 PSI ASME relief valve
  • The various sizes 2, 3, 5 gallons are available
  • The various sizes have different relief valve ratings to comply with the Pressure vessel directive for users who require CE.
  • Low-level sensors are available with plug-in connections
  • Programmable Pressure switches are available to let the control PLC know fluid pressure is ready.

Standard Options

Pressure controls

Contact us for more details.

  • Quick Disconnect Fittings for air and fluid are on all tank assemblies
  • Precision low flow Air Pressure Regulators provide 0.1 PSI fluid pressure stability
  • ON / OFF with Exhaust valve is provided.  Locking versions are available.
  • Manifolds to distribute fluid to multiple applicators are available with many outlet configurations.
  • Teflon hose with stainless steel braid and Leak-free JIC fittings are availble in many lengths