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Low pressure pump

Portable Low Pressure Pump with Regulator

Portable low pressure
Portable Low Pressure Pump with Regulator 1
Portable Low Pressure Pump with Regulator 2

Sometimes a pressure tank is not large enough for a low-pressure application or the frequency to refill that pressure tank is too often.

The Pump is a small double acting 1:1 diaphragm pump made of chemically resistant polypropylene.  The pumps out charges a polypropylene accumulator to ensure the pressure is not lost as the pump reverses at the end of each cycle.  A pressure regulator sets the accumulator pressure so it can easily be optimized for different operating pressures.  A fluid pressure regulator reduces the fluid pressure and eliminates any variation.  A lockable valve is provided to drain, clean, or lock out the fluid system.

  • Pneumatic controls are provided that has a locking ON/OFF-EXHAUST valve.  It also contains an air pressure regulator that should be set 10 to 20 PSI above the target fluid pressure.  An oiler is also provided to extend pump life.
  • The frame has four casters, two that lock so the pumping unit can easily be moved around on the production floor. 
  • This particular pumping unit also has a control box with a gun driver for a Spraymation Electromatic Applicator. 
  • The box has an AUTO/OFF/TEST switch for the applicator. 
  • It has a heavy-duty industrial connector so the dolly can be rolled up to a usage point, plugged into a waiting control port, have compressed air connected and the applicator put in place and ready to use in minutes.
  • These are very easy to customize to a customer’s exact needs and tank size.