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Panel Machines

Precision Gear Pumps

Accurate Flow Rates Regardless of viscosity, fluid tip or hoses.

  • The pump is programmable in ml/min in the painting Script on the Spraymation Panel Machine.
  • The pump is automatically controlled by the Spraymation Panel Machine during painting.
  • Programmable filling and self-cleaning sequences are in the machine.
  • It is fully integrated into the Spraymation Panel Machine.
  • This is an option for new machines and a factory installed option for machines in the field.
  • More complex metering pumps can also be provided. These systems can include color changers with multiple pumps, ratio mixing for two component fluids
  • A precision Zenith ™ Gear Pump designed for automotive finishes, is used as the heart of our system.
  • The standard flow rate is
    100 ml/min to 980 ml/min.
  • Other flow rates can be specified.
  • Expected pump accuracy has less than 1% deviation over the flow range with paint.
    The system has a recirculating valve that allows the pump to operate and recirculate the paint when the atomizer is not triggered. When the atomizer is triggered, the valve closes and directs the paint to the atomizer.
  • Paint is typically supplied in a paint cup fitted with a quick disconnect fitting that allows a full paint cup to be mounted on the machine or a partially full used one taken away for cleaning.
  • Ports can be added to inject solvent chopped with air for cleaning, extra valve to dump waste paint at the pump or from waste from the ports integrated into the atomizer.
  • This pumping system is grounded for nonconductive paints which are typically charged with electrostatic voltages in the user’s atomizer.
  • Isolated pumping systems are also available for conductive water-based paints.
  • The pump is driven by an inverter duty explosion proof motor, Class I, Division I, Group D. A gearbox matches the motors speed range to the speeds needed by the pump. The motor controller has a speed accuracy of 0.1% that rivals more expensive servo designs.

Zenith ™ is a trade mark for Zenith Pump®

  • More complex metering pumps can also be provided. 
  • This system includes a color changer to select pump 1 or pump 2.  It allows solvent chopped with air to be injected for the cleaning cycle.
  • This system includes two pumps and a catalyst pump.  The panel machine not only controls the flow rate but also the ratio mixing for two component fluids

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