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Panel Machines

Integrated Pressure Transducers Options

Integrating pressure controls relieves the technician from having to set the air pressure for a test.  With this option, the air and fluid pressures are set in the painting script and are automatic every time that script is used. It helps ensure every setting is right every time to get the best panels sprayed the first time.

  • Electronic Air Pressure Control Transducers can be integrated into modern Spraymation machines.
  • The transducers are controlled by the computer and set air pressures are programmed in painting scripts.
  • This relieves the operator from having to make manual adjustments in the setup process.  The pressures can be changed between scripts or between coats.
  • Settings are within 1% at the machine from 1 PSI to 99.9 PSI in 0.1 increments.  Be aware there may be pressure losses in the hoses used to move this air pressure to the inlets on the spray gun.
  • Airflow is sufficient for even the largest spray applicators.  Volume boosters are used for atomizing air and fan shape air that can regulate at 60 CFM
  • Software calibration features are included.

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