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Silicone applicator certification and refurbishment

Spraymation applicators may seem simple with one moving part and no dynamic seals, but the high levels of performance, come from high levels of precision. 

Most of these applicators dispense over 300,000 cycles per day. That turns into 200,000,000 cycles in 3 years. We can see the change in the internal parts as the applicators approach the 200 million cycle mark.

Spraymation recommends that silicone applicators are inspected and operation is certified every 3 years to keep the dispensing performance on target for medical applications with tight tolerances.

Our applicator re-certification program is performed by experienced technicians who also build new applicators. Our technicians:

  1. use genuine Spraymation replacement parts
  2. use the original manufacturing standards and documents
  3. use the original test, validation process and equipment
  4. issue a certificate confirming proper operation
  5. are ISO 9001:2015 certified for everything we do

Each applicator goes through a 20-point process performed by an experienced technician:


  1. Initial inspection
  2. Disassembly
  3. Inspection of all internal parts
  4. Comprehensive cleaning of all the parts
  5. Electrical test to determine if electrical parts need to be replaced
  6. Detailed dimensional inspection of parts comparing them to original specifications
  7. Replacement of the plunger
  8. Replacement of the seat
  9. Replacement of the spring
  10. Replacement of all O-rings
  11. Replacement of any additional part that failed dimensional inspection, has damage or shows signs of use
  12. Reassembly
  13. Electric resistance test for the coil
  14. Electric resistance test for the heater, if present
  15. Electric resistance test for the RTD, if present
  16. HY-Pot test of electrical insulation
  17. Ground continuity test
  18. Applicator fluid test using the same procedure as a new applicator
  19. Applicator heated and operation verified at specified target amounts
  20. Exterior cleaning and packing

Each applicator is accompanied by a detailed test report certifying proper operation.

The finished applicator now has the original model number with an “R” after the model number to indicate it has been rebuilt and comes with a new 6-month warranty.

Please contact Spraymation Customer Service if you have questions or if you have Silicone applicators in need of certification and refurbishment program. 

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