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Silicone Controls

Silicone Controls 1

Applicator Drivers

  • Applicator Drivers designed to optimize performance
  • Older designs use 120 volt coils
  • Modern designs use 24 volt coils
  • Accelerating voltage is applied to reduce applicator opening time.
  • Low holding voltage is used once the applicator is open to prevent self-heating
  • Special circuitry is used to speed the collapse of the magnetic field to reduce closing time.
  • CE declaration
Time controller

Time Controllers

  • Time controllers have been designed to have the accuracy and resolution needed to dispense these small amounts.
  • All Spraymation timers have 0.1ms resolution on settings and 1us uncertainty in the time.
  • Single-channel units for simple systems
  • Complex 4 channel timers for larger systems
  • Independent timing for:
    • Air on before
    • Spray
    • Air On After
    • CE declaration

Complete Control packages are available

  • 120 or 240 volt operation
  • Time controls
  • Temperature controls
  • Applicator Cables
  • Ready to use
  • CE declaration, IEC electrical connectors

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