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Panel Machines

Automatic Test Panel

Automatic Test Panel

Standard 310940

Automatic Test Panel Spray Machine models are available from highly sophisticated custom units to a variety of standard models with various speed ranges and panel spray areas.

With all models, the operator can select all spray parameters including gun traverse speeds, panel indexing distance, spray on distance, and all other variables. Once the program is complete you may start the spraying sequence or assign a program number and place the information in the on-board computer memory for future recall.

The 310940 Series Machines are new in design and function from the ground up. The index mechanism is relocated to the left and near the front of the unit, away from the paint overspray area. Periodic maintenance and lubrication of the index mechanical components are reduced significantly. The new frame design allows easier access to place and remove panels.

The new Model 310940 Series Machine will accept various option packages:

Multiple Segment Programming: This type of program will allow multiple segments to be combined into a complex painting procedure. Each segment may contain completely different painting parameters, i.e.: traverse speed, spray on distance, flash time at the end of a coat, etc. Scripts may contain up to 99 segments. The segments are painted sequentially.

Multi Segment Programming is required if selecting any of the following options:

Serial Communications: Script data can be loaded into this machine via serial communication from a personal computer through a fiber optic cable with Spraymation software using Windows 95 or higher. A number of automatic test panel machines may be connected to a single personal computer that would store all scripts. A portable personal computer which can be brought to the panel machine, may be used to enter and modify script data.

Remote Operations: Test machine start/stop functions can be initiated from a remote personal computer. This is especially desirable if the spray machine is to be used in a clean room environment.

Production/Reverse Mode Operation | Production mode: This operation is a specialized painting test designed to simulate production line spraying of a panel on a moving conveyor. The spray gun paints while it is moving horizontally and the panel to be painted is moving vertically during painting. This process continues until the panel is fully coated. After the last spray stroke of the coat, the vertical index returns home and stops. REVERSE MODE – The panel to be painted is moving vertically while the spray gun is stopped during painting. The spray gun is then indexed into a new position for the next painting stroke. This process continues for the number of strokes selected. The speed of the vertical panel movement is available in three speed ranges: (15-210), (30-420), (60-840) inches per minute. Dwell time may be programmed at the end of each stroke.

Air Pressure Control System: Electronic air regulators will automatically control the air pressure to the fluid pressure tank or fluid regulator, atomizing and fan pattern air pressure, each with a 0 – 99.9 PSI range in 0.1 PSI increments.

Paint Flow Control System: Through the spray machine control, the operator may select the fluid flow rate between 1.0 – 30 ml/sec to be delivered to the spray gun. The flow rate selected is entered into the program script and may be placed into memory for future recall. Flow control is closed loop and provides 2% accuracy.

Large Screen Display: The large screen display is a 25 line by 80 character display on the Automatic Test Panel Machine. A full segment of programming data can be displayed at once. Menus can be displayed in one screen, and Comments or instructions can be displayed for the operator as painting scripts are selected.

Quite often, standard units can be modified to meet a user's particular requirements, including changes to physical size, changes to panel spray area, and any additional function that may be required.

Model Number Speed IPM Speed MM/SEC Spray Area
310941-28 75-900 31-381 24"w X 24"h
(61 cm w X 61 cm h)
310942-28 150-1800 63-762 24"w X 24"h
(61 cm w X 61 cm h)
310943-28 300-3600 127-1524 24"w X 24"h
(61 cm w X 61 cm h)
310941-52 75-900 31-381 48"w X 24"h
(122 cm w X 61 cm h)
310942-52 310941-52 63-762 48"w X 24"h
(122 cm w X 61 cm h)
310943-52 300-3600 127-1524 48"w X 24"h
(122 cm w X 61 cm h)

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Additional components

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