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How Spraymation helps the world fight COVID-19

We are proud to provide a critical element on the production lines of medical syringe manufacturers around the world.  Our technology is used to siliconize (lubricate) the syringe barrel so that the plunger can be pulled and pressed in with a smooth action.

At speeds of 600 syringe barrels/minute, spraying precise amounts as low as 0.25mg per syringe, with up to 12 spray guns running in unison 24 hours per day 365 days a year, we enable syringes manufacturers to keep up with the increased global demand.

A recently shipped system pictured below, helps produce over 100 million medical syringes a year.

Control unit for a 5 applicator system (inside and outside).  System parameters include fluid pressure, air pressure, temperature, and timing for both fluid and air.

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