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Innovation during COVID-19 – custom spraying systems

The COVID-19 crisis left many manufacturers financially unable to sustain R&D and innovation.  Investing during tumultuous times can be scary, but it can also be very rewarding.   

Spraymation, founded 63 years ago, ranks among Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s oldest manufacturing businesses. Over the course of its history, in bull markets and bear, the company has bet on innovation, selling products across 66 countries and 6 continents.  

“Pandemics don’t last forever, but innovation can,” said Spraymation’s CEO, Grant Fitzwilliam. 

During some of the pandemic downtime, Spraymation has been innovating around customer needs.  Most recently, the company has been developing open and closed-loop fluid systems for dispensing very small, very precise amounts of fluid. 

The company can now dispense fluids onto a wide variety of products in amounts from .5 to 10 mg on each item at production rates up to 600 items/minute.  Most of these systems are open-loop, but some customers need higher accuracy or possibly proof of application for their products.  Head of engineering, David Kerzel, said “in these unique applications, we can provide a closed-loop system with flow monitoring and alarms.” 

Mr. Kerzel went on to say “we also dispense viscous silicone onto medical devices, primarily syringes, to make them operate smoothly and consistently.  These particular applications dispense amounts from .25 to 10 mg per device at production rates up to 600 items/minute with the accuracy required by leading medical manufacturers. “

Presently the company is developing a pumping system for dispensing even smaller dosages of fluids with targeting pump rates of less than 5ml/hour, which is 83µl/minute.  In the case of the fluid being water, that would be 83mg/minute.  If used in a process operating at 600 units/minute, each would get a dose of .14mg.   The pumping system will be a digitally controlled closed-loop system with an accuracy of +/- 1% 

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