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Automatic Extrusion Applicators

Extrusion applicator head
Full-size Applicators 1

Straight line flow
(no trapped areas)

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Integral solenoid coil for instantaneous, high speed response and repeatability

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All wetted parts are of stainless steel

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Design simplicity:

  • One moving part
  • No seals or packings
  • Entire fluid section can be replaced as a unit without removing gun from line.
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Built-in circular element for uniform heating to 450°F

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RTD Sensor provides extremely accurate temperature control

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Suitable for use with spray or extrusion nozzles

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Electromatic™ X and XV
Automatic Applicator

These Automatic Applicator Head Series are suitable to extrude hot or cold adhesives, marking fluids, perfumes, silicones, and similar materials, requiring small repetitive amounts to be accurately applied at high rates of speed. It utilizes extrusion tips to provide a variety of patterns including dots, lines, multiple lines, etc. Extrusion applications can utilize either a pressure tank or pumping system depending upon material used, viscosity, etc.

The hand gun applicators incorporate a modular concept, which allows the user to remove the entire fluid section, which contains the gun’s one moving part, as a unit. Which results in easier maintenance and less down time. Various models are available with difference being in seat orifice size and operating voltage of coil.

Extrusion combo
  • Hot or cold guns can be manifold to apply several parallel patterns
  • Extensions allow accessing more confined areas.

Additional components