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Mid Size Applicators

Midsized Applicators

Electromatic™ XVI
Mid size Applicator

The Electromatic XVI, 99200 Series Applicator Head, for cold fluids, is a smaller version design of the original Electromatic 79200 Series applicator.  It offers many advantages at a lower cost and provides a lighter unit for moving applications, with performance similar to the full size Electromatic XV Applicator.  It uses a standard spring, plunger, seat adapter, seat, and locknut.  The fluid tube, coil, coil housing and body are new.  The fluid inlet is ½-20 JIC and all standard tips and Spraymation fluid hoses, may be used.

Model 99201 for use with “Flat Back” tips
Model 99221 for use with 3/8-24 screw on tips

The Electromatic™ XVI is suitable for moderate speed applications, with low to medium viscosities (6000 cps), and operating pressures under 2000 PSI.


Additional components

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