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Miniature Applicators

Miniature Applicators 1
Model 130 Series (extrusion)
Miniature Applicators 2
Model 330 Series (spray)

The Spraymation Mini Electromatic™ applicators have been improved!

Coils and springs have been changed to increase operating speeds and allow for a wider range of viscosity’s to be used. The extrusion models have had carbide plunger tips and stainless steel seats added for longer life. 

  • The “Electromatic™ 130 and 330 Series” could be of particular interest to your company for use in your fluid dispensing application. Weighing less than half a pound, the “Electromatic™” presents no stress to traversing apparatus, yet it delivers the dispensing accuracy and reliability that the Spraymation Electromatic™ Series Applicator Heads have maintained for over 30 years.
  • The Electromatic™ Applicator Head delivers many advantages when compared to air operated units as supplied by other manufacturers.
  • The Electromatic™ Applicator has no dynamic packings or seals to wear or interfere with plunger operation. Its operation is clear and efficient, without leaking or drooling.
  • Frequent maintenance is eliminated because the unit has only one moving part, which provides millions of trouble-free actuation’s.
  • Precise amounts of fluid are deposited, exactly where you need them – you do not have to make wasteful allowances for sluggish, imprecise actuation.
  • The Electromatic™ is extremely fast, and requires no air for actuation. It is directly actuated by a built-in solenoid coil.
  • It operates on a standard 24 VDC signal from your existing timing controls, and only requires .8 amps.

Additional components

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